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ITP: things I will never finish

Sooooo I was going through my art folder on my computer last night trying to decide what to put up on Fishnet last night (go check it out-- it got a total overhaul!) and realised that I had a backlog of some random crap that I've never shown anyone. Usually this is because I've sketched it on some random piece of paper somewhere and have either lost the piece of paper or can't be bothered to scan it. (Trufax: the amount of art I post online is in reality only about 10% of what I draw, since Most Days I cannot be bothered to wrestle with the scanner, or wrestle my parents for the computer that the scanner belongs to.)

But sometimes I also start scribbling something on painter and get halfway through it and realise that... I don't really like it anymore! But then I just spent a while doing it so I don't want to throw it in the trash either. So it sits there unfinished on my harddrive forever.

Around August sometime last year. Tail end of winter-- I'd just bought a new coat and I wanted to draw it, or something warm in the cold :|b. The hands and arms are a bit fucked though and I couldn't think how to fix it, so it got trashed.

Around January sometime this year. This was going to be one of the panels somewhere around the begining of the steampunk-themed comic that annarti and I were... going to do and totally didn't. Whoops. (Nobody is surprised.) I actually don't mind this one too much, but I got bored of drawing it. I might have another go at it someday.

No idea of the month, though I'm going to make a stab at somewhere around June last year based on the style. Anddd judging by the mole and the eyes I'm guessing I was trying to draw female Albert but then I did something funky with the hair that I hadn't intended so idk. I just stopped liking it halfway through :|b.

The sidekick character from The Adventures of the Slightly Delusional (Not Actual Title). Funnily enough, all my sketches of the title character are all on paper and thus not on my computer. Originally this girl had glasses buuut then I realised it was kind of overkill since she already had a bandanna + short wispy hair. Her design was made to make her look purposefully spunky/interesting, because in actual fact she's a completely ordinary and boring person. Normally I try to create character designs that reflect the personality of the character but in this case I wanted there to be a clear clash between her looks and her personality, because one of the main themes behind it all is that you can't judge by appearances.

I have no idea who this is /o/. An athletic-looking girl with long hair usually tied up in a high pony tail keeps cropping up randomly in my sketches every now and again but looking slightly different each time. I have no idea who she is or what or where she fits into :Db. I re-used Aiko's old uniform design here, because I liked it too much to let it go to waste in the trashcan of old stories that will never reach fruition. Though, I quite like Aiko as a character, too. I may re-use her as a cameo character in the future for something, since the Crystal Phoenixes project is long since dead and buried.

Random dancer that I think may have been the side effect of watching too much Princess Tutu

I was attempting to redesign Asha's clothes but the picture is all completely out of proportion so I gave up /o/. Tadahn.

I have no idea either :(.

Anddddd that's all for now. If I get lucky this week I might try and scan in some unfinished sketchbook scribbles from the past year before I have to go back to college next weekend, but no promises.

Edit: oops I forgot one.
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