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Nurrr I suddenly found myself with four different projects (I hesitate to call them stories because they're... not always all that) in my head and I have this horrible tendancy to NOT write things down, or if I do, only over AIM in passing and then forgetting to save the logs, SO this is just me trying to organise my head a little so I don't forget stuff! No drawings here. Just a list of stuff I'm working on/reminders to myself about where to go from here. So it's more for me than anyone else, but you can read it/use it as a rough guide to work out wtf I'm talking about and which characters belong where when I upload sketches if you want.

Wooooooooo okay going oldest -> newest. Dropped projects not included 8D!

Project: Viola-Nat story (not actual title 8<.)
Started: December 2004
Genre: Historical Action/Adventure/DRAMA (... yes, drama deserves caps.)
Basic idea summary: Viola might just be a girl with a temper and a hero complex (and a half), who thinks she can restore her honour and exile by singlehandedly finding a way to stop the war that's ravaging her country. Nat's goals are much more simple-- he just wants to run away and hide from the people who want to kill him. (This happens, when you're a prince with lots of relatives.) Together they... bicker with eachother a lot. Oh, and journey on Viola's determined path, joined by Noel and Dice, and eventually Asha, to stop the war and save Nat's life!
Status: Detailed description below.
Cast of characters (meaning only of characters that appear more than once/have an actual role in the plot instead of standing around and looking pretty, including full wardrobe and character designs, personality, background information for those that require it, position and purpose within the plot, etc): 95% complete \o/! ... This is more impressive when you realise that this story has about 10 major characters 8(.
Cast of minor characters (meaning characters that do not fit in the above category, such as siblings or acquaintances of characters that don't fit into the plot but appear briefly in flashbacks etc, including basic character design and basic personality): ehhh around 40% complete. Some of these are able to be worked out as we go though. There are so many people in this whole thing that if I tried to write up a character profile for every single last person that appeared once ever in the entire story, we'd still be here this time next year.
Actual Title for the story: 0% complete 8D;;;
Working Out of the Whole Story from beginning to end: around 85% complete
Worldbuilding (including maps of the world, smaller maps of individual countries, leaders/political system of said countries, their geographical and economic situation, as well as racial and relgious background, political ties between seperate countries, etc): 90% complete. (... I just need to come up with names.)
Overall planning stages of the project: 75% complete.
Actual script written/pages drawn: 0% complete. (Not for lack of SEVERAL FAILED DRAFTS.)


Project: The Adventures of the Slightly Delusional (... also not the actual title.)
Started: December 2007 (yes there was a long stretch of about three years where I didn't come up with anything else-- well I did, but they all became dropped projects since they wouldn't go anywhere no matter how much I nudged them.)
Genre: Slice of Life
Basic idea summary: Y-san's greatest ambition in life is to become a magical girl. Yup. Unfortunately, such things don't actually happen in the Real World. But who's Reality to stop her? Sick of waiting to be chosen for the endowment of magical powers, Y-san lets her imagination run wild and sets out on her own special (and I do mean SPECIAL) adventures in being a Saviour Of The Universe from Threats That Are Not Really There. Hilarity ensues.
Planning stages of the project: ... 5% complete? The idea is there, and the characters are there (roughly-- the MAIN FREAKING CHARACTER doesn't even have a name yet), but I haven't really gotten much further than that.
Actual amount of script written/pages drawn: 0%.


Project: Orichalcum (ALSO NOT ACTUAL NAME :<. ... Are we noticing a trend here? Yes, I do, in fact, suck at naming things.) Joint project with annarti.
Started: January 2008
Genre: Steampunk/fantasy/... apocalyptic romantic comedy? (I DUNNO 'NARTI HELP ME OUT HERE?)
Basic idea summary: Lisa kind of sucks at magic. So she gets tutored by Dameon, a boy she would very much like to hook up with-- except he seems to show no interest in her. Too shy to actually confess her feelings for fear of rejection, she draws up a spell to make him fall in love with her. Unfortunately, she forgot the part where she sucks at magic, and accidentally summoned an early apocalypse instead! For... some reason I think we've yet to work out, Dameon is the only person with the knowledge/ability to reverse the spell and set the world back to rights. The only problem is that to do that, he has to know which spell Lisa was attempting first.
Overall planning stages: around 75% complete? (Main characters done, plot... mostly... done? Iiiiii dunno. It's only a one shot though thankfully, so the planning parts don't need to be so HORRIBLY DETAILED as the Oliver stuff, s-sob.)
Actual amount of pages drawn: 0% :(


Project: Cassie Is Crazy Trying To Make A Mecha Series Because She Sucks At Drawing Mechas And Usually Hates Mecha Series But Thinks The Way To Resolve This Is To Come Up With One That Doesn't Suck! (... not actual title. ... lol.) (... don't lynch me, gundam fans! ;o;)
Started: February 2008
Genre: . . . mecha? orz
Basic idea summary: Think of a mecha series you weren't able to get into. Now think how much awesomer it might've been if the main character was female. (Okay, I admit it, you've caught me red-handed. I fail @ male characters. ONE DAY I'LL HAVE A MALE LEAD. ONE DAY!!!)
Notes: Yes, the idea of this was prompted by the Genderswap Evangelion parody clips on youtube. "Man," I was thinking, "I could've gotten into that series so much more if that had been the REAL thing." Then I applied that logic to every other mecha series I'd ever tried to get into and failed. And it worked 8(. Yes, I realise that mecha series are primarily aimed at boys and the main attraction for the girls is Teh Ghey. But I just WISH there was a mecha series that was more... accessible for girls on a different level, other than the girls that just come for Teh Ghey and the rare few that go COOL MECHAS!!!!1! like the rest of the boys /o\. That said, this will probably never ever be drawn because LOL, SEE ALSO: CAN'T DRAW ROBOTS.
Status: I only just thought of this like. a couple of days ago? So there's no real substantial plot as of yet. But the main characters themselves are mostly done already \o/. Unfortunately they're all pencil sketches and we all know how much my scanner hates me. I'll draw something in painter soon.

Wooo that felt good :|b. Also, I had another brainwave regarding the plot in the middle of writing up the summary for the Oliver project, which PRETTY MUCH clears up the last of my plotting problems \o/. HUZZAH.
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