cassie, sometimes emiri, sometimes bryony (perfectdays) wrote in theripplestudio,
cassie, sometimes emiri, sometimes bryony

Three things today!

1. Eta: This meme is by NO MEANS coherent, and it gets more retarded (read: I started getting more and more lazy) the further down it gets. Feel free to ask any questions about what's... what :|b. Eta^2: Character meme template from here.

2. I spent like half of today scanlating the SDC volume five omake 4-koma (scans and translation help thanks to tatsuta_hime) because nobody else has scanlated them, so hey! And I'm pretty sure the American company that liscenced SDC is only up to volume 4 on releases 8D;. Anyway, since I now have nobody to show them off to, I may as well put them here.

Page 1, Page 2.

3. I got a Tegaki E to fool around with. I haven't actually posted any entries yet but hey. Everyone else go get accounts so we can be dorks together and then link me to your profiles \o/. I'll probably forget about its existence in a week's time but hey. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
Tags: !cassie, [ori] oliver, characters, memes, shinshi doumei cross, tegaki e
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