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Orichalcum: beginnings

LOL LONG TIME NO SEE, COMMUNITY. Jess is going to hit me.

Anyways. Now is as good a time as any to start using this comm, right :(? It all began when tatsuta_hime uploaded her post last night about her new steampunk story for the Orichalcum anthology. I hadn't previously heard of it and thought it sounded like a cool idea! ... Except for the part where I kind of fail @ writing. Then! INSPIRATION STRUCK. In the form of an IM:

perfectdays: what do you know about the steampunk genre?
annarti: ...what's steampunk?
perfectdays: ... oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that reaction at first XD
annarti: XDD
annarti: what is it? >>
perfectdays: wiki says: "The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date."
ah k, i think i get it
perfectdays: Howl's Moving Castle is said to be part of the genre
perfectdays: FMA could also be considered part of it
annarti: yeah, they've got all the mechanics stuff worked out with automail and steamtrains
perfectdays: the reason i ask is i wondered if you wanted to collaborate on a short project XD
perfectdays: since i can't write for shit XD
perfectdays: <- this person is publishing an anthology of short story comic-works
annarti: ooh
perfectdays: but the catch is it has to be within that genre
annarti: i reckon that'd be fun =D
perfectdays: yeah \o/
perfectdays: i'll send her an email asking if collaborations are okay :3?
annarti: yeah! =D


annarti: OKAY
annarti: SO
annarti: LET'S WRITING
perfectdays: YES
perfectdays: okays o
perfectdays: before we start
perfectdays: things we have to keep in mind other than genre:
perfectdays: length
annarti: you do the character designs, cos you're good at that >>
perfectdays: XD okay? we'll come up with the characters first, then i'll do a few sketches and you can pick which ones you like best
perfectdays: but yes
perfectdays: we have a deadline, and it'd be cool if we could meet it \o/
annarti: yeah XD
annarti: how many pages would you be comfortable getting done by the deadline?
perfectdays: they say the minimum is five pages, but for a comic that's realistically not long enough to tell any sort of story
perfectdays: I think we should aim for around 15 pages.
perfectdays: around abouts.
annarti: kk
perfectdays: that's the length of your typical shounen jump weekly chapter
perfectdays: and when you think about it, that's not long to tell our story-- if we end up doing more, great, but realistically speaking i'm not sure i'll be able to produce MANY more pages than that in two months.
perfectdays: but we'll see how it goes
annarti: yeah that's what i was thinking XD
perfectdays: so anyway, keeping that in mind, we need to come up with a plot that can be introduced and resolved fairly quickly xD. no epics, no tons and tons of characters /)o(\
annarti: yeah XD
annarti: anyway, story! have you got any ideas?
perfectdays: not a one |D;;
annarti: \m/
perfectdays: do you?
annarti: nope
perfectdays: SWEET we're awesome.
annarti: so totally XD

Then there were some ideas thrown around and joked about and sometimes mangled into one big ideaball but nothing really came of it |D;;;. Then 'narti came upon a great wavelength \o/!

annarti: oh hey, did you read the stories i did for my creative writing portfolio last year? i'd still like to toy with the 'spell a spell' idea there
perfectdays: ... if i did i forgot which one that was
perfectdays: link me?
annarti: just a sec
annarti: about halfway down, just ctrl+f 'spell' and it should come up
annarti: not necesarily the author-talking-with-muse bit but the idea that comes from it. cast a spell, spell a word, spell a spell. i dunno but i still want to poke that somehow
perfectdays: reading it now
perfectdays: oooh
perfectdays: hmmm
perfectdays: a young magic apprentice whose spell backfires when she says/writes it wrong and the ensuing... whatever?
perfectdays: or he
annarti: yeah something like that
perfectdays: (my mind always jumps to female protagonists because i'm so used to writing them, but since you're writing it you should be able to choose the gender of the protagonist XD)
perfectdays: but yeah that was the image i got from that story XD
annarti: i got the idea from my formal invitation:

we are the music makers
and we are the dreamers of dreams...
yet we are the movers and shakers
of the world forever, it seams

they misspelt 'seems' and it amused me, just cos 'seams' gives the impression of a seamstress or something XD;
perfectdays: hahahahaha XD
annarti: so we could make up a spell of some sort where the misspelling of one or two words gives it an entirely different meaning and therefore outcome
perfectdays: yes!
annarti: accidentally forgetting the t in paint
perfectdays: but what is the outcome :O
annarti: I HAVE NO IDEA \m/
perfectdays: okay XD
perfectdays: for the moment, sticking with that idea
annarti: =D
perfectdays: since i think we're onto something
perfectdays: let's just temporarily forget the previous ideas we've had and brainstorm stuff on a blank slate again for the time being
perfectdays: re: the outcome of the spell
annarti: yeah =3
perfectdays: what sort of story do we want to create?
perfectdays: is it an action story? an adventure? a drama? angst? a romance? the armageddon?
perfectdays: etc etc.
annarti: i think this sounds like a bit of a comedy
perfectdays: A COMEDY, OKAY.
perfectdays: ... *snort*
perfectdays: okay
perfectdays: so s/he has brought the armageddon by accident
perfectdays: HOW DO WE FIX IT

annarti: do we want DRAMATIC or an anticlimax?
perfectdays: ... dramatic takes longer but it depends on which we come up with a better idea for
annarti: hmm
perfectdays: --stop it, bad Cassie
perfectdays: <- got distracted and started browsing DA
annarti: XDD
perfectdays: I'M SORRY
annarti: THAT'S OKAY XD
annarti: maybe... our protagonist has a crush on another wizard/magicy person, and writes a spell to make him notice her, but it ends up buggering the world, and in the end he's the one to write the spell that saves everything
perfectdays: oooh
annarti: and he only CAN set it right once he finds out what her original spell was
perfectdays: the first part works \o/. i dunno about the second-- writes?? maybe he has to do something else? remember that manga is primarily a visual medium, like the movies
perfectdays: so a lot of stuff like that which would come across as exciting in text comes across as flat in a comic or a tv
annarti: ...makes it up and does some dramatic cape twirling and whizz-bangery?
perfectdays: there needs to be some action part of it XD
annarti: i clearly work in prose XD;
perfectdays: yeah, well, you do well at it XD
annarti: =D
perfectdays: but that's the reason why they get scriptwriters to adapt books to movies
perfectdays: and not the original author
perfectdays: and why scriptwriters will often change things from the book to make it more "action-packed"
perfectdays: like, i dunno if you ever went to see Stardust or read the book, but there's a fight scene at the end that totally was never there in the book xD
annarti: i haven't, but i know what you mean XD

perfectdays: so okay, we have a girl who wants to like. do some sort of love spell? for a guy
perfectdays: (I'm presuming older/more magically-experienced guy? maybe a fellow apprentice or teacher? y/n? i'm just throwing ideas out /o\)
annarti: yeah =3
perfectdays: oh also, hey, this it O-T, but I FOUND SOMETHING HANDY:
annarti: maybe she's getting extra tutoring from him or something, and he's a year or two higher
perfectdays: (lol pun lol)
perfectdays: ooh yeah, that works >D
annarti: ooh~ *bookmarks*
perfectdays: ANYWAY back on topic /o\
annarti: we have a basis, at least XD;
perfectdays: YES
perfectdays: we're getting somewhere \o/
perfectdays: do you want me to do some quick-sketch charrie designs, since we have our two main characters now?
perfectdays: (i don't think we need any more than two. two is a good number for a short story xD.)
annarti: ooh yeah =D
perfectdays: kk \o/
perfectdays: [gets tablet out, since that's the easiest way to do this xD]
annarti: <3 tablet
perfectdays: soooo handy
annarti: any other people who show up are just random students/whatever who have fireballs thrown at them or something XD
perfectdays: XDDD

perfectdays: OKAY
perfectdays: i've done the first round of sketches
perfectdays: just four faces
annarti: =D
perfectdays: now, things to keep in mind--
perfectdays: 1) these are premlinary sketches, feel free to trash ALL of them, i can always do more \o/
perfectdays: 2) feel free to say "i like aspect A of character 3 and aspect B of character 2, see if you can combine them?"
annarti: kk!
perfectdays: 3) when i did these (for the girl-- haven't started on the guy yet) I was sort of going with a certain "character type" in mind. "girl with a crush who tries to make a love spell" is what we've got so far, so i tried to create different "prototypes" for different kinds of girls-with-crushes in mind, which can be molded and worked with
Cassie wants to directly connect.
Narti is now directly connected.
annarti: *nods*
perfectdays: i tried to work in glasses/fringes into all of them to like, represent her nature? sort of thing, like, I DON'T KNOW WHAT HER PERSONALITY WILL BE LIKE
perfectdays: but if she's going so far as to create a love-spell
perfectdays: then i'm going to assume she has some degree of shyness or geekiness :|b
annarti: hee, they're cute~ =D
perfectdays: and shy characters are typically represented with hair around their faces to hide behind |D;
annarti: i really like the pigtails one, she's so sweet~
perfectdays: really xD?
annarti: yeah =3
perfectdays: she does
perfectdays: i wanna play around with her a bit more though, she looks kind of boring and generic just as she is xD
annarti: what if you put the glasses of #3 on her?
perfectdays: hmmm
perfectdays: could work
perfectdays: hang on
perfectdays: lemme get my tablet out again and do another couple of sketches to see what i can do with her o/
perfectdays: also if you have any other ideas, speak up o/
annarti: =D
annarti: will do!
perfectdays: but yeah, to me the pigtails-girl represents the "down-on-her-luck, horribly shy" type character |D
perfectdays: if that's not the image you want to go for, say so o/
annarti: nah i was thinking that kind of image, actually
perfectdays: kk o/
annarti: the kind who would rather read a book in the library than go out and do her own thing
perfectdays: yes XD
annarti: everyone THINKS she's really booky and smart but really she kinda sucks at that, too. hence spell going kablooey
perfectdays: YES HAHA
annarti: XD
perfectdays: and needing extra tutoring xD
annarti: and... flaling for the tutor and therefore probably learning nothing from him XD;
annarti: *falling
perfectdays: pfft yes XD


annarti: i return~
perfectdays: YAY i finished sketching
Cassie wants to directly connect.
annarti: woo!
Narti is now directly connected.
perfectdays: OKAY SO
perfectdays: i. i got really frustrated with her straight hair I'M SORRY
perfectdays: but i really liked the wispy-short haired girl's fringe, so i tried to combine that with pigtail girl??
annarti: I LIKE =Db
perfectdays: like, shorten her bangs and make her fringe less straight, and that was it
perfectdays: then i just played around with glasses
perfectdays: OH GOOD i was so scared you wouldn't like it xD
annarti: XDD
perfectdays: if you wanna suggest anything else speak now o/
perfectdays: so yeah, 2) was the original pigtail girl glasses
perfectdays: 3) was the one you suggested earlier
annarti: hmm~ maybe a few more scraggly bits of hair at the back? that didn't quite fit into her pigtails
perfectdays: 1) and 4) was me trying to be creative
perfectdays: well yeah, but it's hard to show those from a 3/4 view xD?
perfectdays: but yeah i get what you mean xD
annarti: true XD;
annarti: I like 4, cos then you've got the opportunity to pull a kyouya and have light reflecting and COMPLETELY covering her eyes/emotions
perfectdays: hahaha |D
perfectdays: i worry that #4 looks too generic too but I DUNNO MAN
perfectdays: I LIKE THEM ALL
annarti: ME TOO
annarti: i want to tug her pigtails :<
perfectdays: XDDDD
perfectdays: MAYBE IF WE GIVE HER A FEW FRECKLES i dunno
perfectdays: and by a few i mean like. four.
annarti: eee yes!
perfectdays: thar, do they look okay?
perfectdays: yay or nay on the freckles?
annarti: very yay X)
perfectdays: OKAY GREAT
perfectdays: face design for character 1 set \o/
perfectdays: i can come up with clothing ideas... laterrr
annarti: \m/
perfectdays: and now i'm exhausted
annarti: you probably need sleep ^^;
perfectdays: i didn't realise it was 11
perfectdays: i've been going to bed at 10 these days
perfectdays: so yes
perfectdays: NIGHT

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