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first Cassie post~

Bah, I figure it's easier to keep track of art posts if I post them in here, and I'm more often on LJ than I am on devART. And 'sides, the whole kerfuffle that you have to go through on dA just to upload one picture is kind of tedious, so!

SAY HELLO to Cassie's first post on Jess and Cassie's Shared Dumping Ground Comm |D! (AKA: The Ripple Studio. ... It was all her idea, I get no credit 8D!)

Drew this a while back-- 8th March this year, according to my computer, so not THAT long ago but seems like an age. Bah, messy sketching and colouring, woo 8D;.

I don't really know who she is or where she fits in. I just had the sudden urge to draw a girl with teal hair and purple hair-- perhaps a redesign of my old Slayers OC? Perhaps not. For now she's on the backburner, but I'd like to come back to her sometime.

... Yeah, I dunno either. I was just doodling in class time and I kept wanting to draw a girl with REALLY LONG SLEEVES. (I blame it on the character of Snow in Hero.) Anyway, I'm still trying to work out the mechanics of her dress (can you even call it that?) and sleeves. And hmmm, other colour schemes. (I just wanted to do something pink, for some odd reason? But maybe I should try it in blue or green tones too...)

Avatar OC, mmm. No name as of yet |D;. No personality or background either, just a design. Heck, I can't even decide where she comes from, as of yet |D;.

I have other sketches of her, but access to the scanner is limited so this is the first one I've done on computer? Yeah. Uh. I'll scan sketches in one day, really. < /lazy >

AAAAND that's it. How spectacularly un-spectacular, for a first post!

Wheeee. Lets see how long I can keep this up |D;. PS: EVERYBODY JOIN ♥. You know you want to.
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